Get Clinical Help to Quit Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Sydney by Expert Counselling and Therapies

Get Help to Quit Alcohol and Drug Addiction in Sydney with Our Expert Counselling and Therapy

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We Offer Effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Therapy in Sydney to Break Your Addictions

Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol at our acclaimed clinic in Sydney. Using tried and tested evidence-based therapy and cognitive techniques we can help you feel more in control while increasing your willpower and helping you manage your withdrawal.

Angus and his expert team guarantee to work tirelessly to help you overcome your addiction.

Drug addiction is one of the biggest issues facing Australians today. Over 40% of the population have used illegal drugs at some point in their life and 15% have taken drugs in the last 12 months. 1 in 5 Australians have exceeded the recommended lifetime risk of alcohol consumption and alcohol addiction continues to cause thousands of deaths every year.

Drug addiction is a serious condition that can have life-threatening consequences as well as forcing you into a dangerous and unstable lifestyle. Breaking the cycle of addiction can require a huge mental effort but with expert drug addiction help from Angus Munro Psychology you are more likely to succeed and take back control of your life.

What is Substance Addiction?

Addictive substances like alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin alter the way your brain sends and receives information, creating a dependency on the substance. This change to your brain chemistry alters the way you think and makes you less able to resist taking the substance in the future.

Full blown addiction can develop over time out of recreational drug use and can take over your entire life as you devote huge amounts of time, money and energy to satisfying your need for the next hit.

Signs that Addiction is Taking Over Your Life can Include:

  • Inability to stop taking the substance
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as mood changes, headaches and nausea when you haven’t taken the substance recently
  • You continue to take the substance despite knowing the health damage it causes
  • Other priorities such as work and relationships are sacrificed to meet your drug addiction needs
  • Feeling unable to cope with problems or function normally without your substance
  • Financial difficulty to due high spending on alcohol or drugs
  • Social withdrawal and isolation

As you take addictive substances the body’s tolerance for them increases, meaning that to satisfy your cravings you need to continually take more. This leads to a downward cycle of dependence where your substance abuse can become the central focus of your life and all of your energy and resources are spent on maintaining your addiction.

We Offer Effective Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Therapy in Sydney to Help You fight Addiction

If you are tired of living under the shadow of addiction, expert drug addiction therapy from Anus Munro Psychology can help you break the cycle. Our effective and evidence-based treatments can help you break free of any addiction, including alcohol and all kinds of illegal drugs. Our counsellors have years of experience working with patients and restoring their ability to function without the need for drugs.

Addiction is a change to your thought processes brought on by chemical changes in the brain. Drug addiction treatment in Sydney works using behavioural counselling and therapy to change your thought processes and reduce dependence on substances.

Medication is also available to reduce the symptoms of alcohol or drug addictions and fight the withdrawal symptoms experienced during detoxification. The support and guidance of our therapy for drug addiction can give you the willpower and determination to overcome your cravings and can support you through the mental health difficulties that often occur with addiction, such as depression depressive disorder and anxiety mental disorder.

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With effective drug addiction counselling you can begin to see positive effects immediately and experience a real change in as little as 90 days. Once the initial treatment has succeeded we offer long term individual and group support to give you the strength and help you need to stay free of addiction in the long term.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Sydney is open to anyone, no matter their circumstances or the level of their addiction. With our expert guidance you will find the willpower to fight your cravings and rid yourself of the debilitating mental disease of addiction. With our help you will see a huge reduction in your cravings, re-establish your relationships and healthy lifestyle choices, and develop the confidence to face life without drug use.

With over 8 years’ experience treating addictions and psychological disorders of all kinds, the expert drug addiction therapists at Angus Munro Psychology are the leading choice for drug addiction help in Sydney and the surrounding area.

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