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Effective Treatment for Internet Addiction Disorder and Social Media Addiction in Sydney

Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome addiction to internet and social media use at our specialist clinic in Sydney. Our team of expert psychologists can help you break the cycle of addiction and live a more balanced life using advanced cognitive techniques and supportive holistic therapy. Angus and his team guarantee to work tirelessly to help you overcome your internet and social media addiction with evidence based assessment and therapies.

Internet addiction is one of the fastest growing addictions in Australia and all over the world. In today’s constantly connected world it is easy for habitual internet use or checking your social media page to turn into an obsession and then into a full blown mental addiction. Internet addiction is not yet classed as a separate condition by psychologists but the behaviours and mental changes that occur with excessive internet use are widely considered consistent with those of other forms of addiction.

What is Internet Addiction?

Like more formally recognised addictions such as alcoholism and drug abuse, internet addiction refers to using the internet to such a high extent that it negatively affects other areas of your life. This can mean spending hours at a time browsing through websites, having the constant urge to check social media on your phone, or the inability to switch off from work emails when you are at home.

94% of Australians use the internet regularly and their usage does not develop into addiction. But regularly high levels of usage can create dependence and addiction, particularly if the internet is used as a means of escaping from stressful situations in your personal life. Addiction can eventually lead to chemical changes in your brain which make suppressing your need to spend time online much harder.

Types of Internet Addiction

Since there are so many different kinds of website, there are also many forms internet addiction can take. Some of these include:

The constantly updating nature of social media websites makes them particularly susceptible to compulsive checking, especially with the increasing prevalence of mobile devices. Websites which produce a thrill like gambling or trading websites, and pornography and sex related usage are also common causes of internet addiction.

Symptoms of Internet Addiction

Addiction to spending time online can be hard to identify in others as it can occur privately in an individual’s home without any obvious external signs. If you are concerned about your own internet usage and whether it is becoming a problem, consider whether you experience the following symptoms:

  • Spending hours at a time using the internet to the point where other essential activities like work and family relationships are ignored
  • Regularly spending far longer online than you initially intended
  • Feeling anxious or irritable when you are unable to check social media or other sites for long periods of time
  • Feeling unable to stop checking websites
  • Spending more time on internet-based relationships than physical ones
  • Searching for ever more thrilling web content such as pornography or gambling
  • Attempts to hide or downplay the amount of time you spend online

If you find yourself unable to control your internet use, Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome internet addiction at our clinic in Sydney. We offer evidence based therapies, counselling and treatment to fight with Internet and Social Media Addiction.

We Offer Highly Effective Internet Addiction Treatment Therapy in the Sydney Area

If you want to take back control and rein in your internet usage then our expert internet addiction and social media addiction treatments and therapies are for you. Like any addiction therapy, our expert counsellors will work with you to break the thought processes and compulsions that addiction has formed in your mind. We can also help you put safeguards and coping strategies in place to control your addiction while we work on curing it.

Internet addiction counselling also looks at reasons you may be using the internet to escape unpleasant life circumstances. We can help you reduce stress and manage interpersonal conflict as well as offering evidence based treatments for anxiety and therapy for depression which may be causing you to shy away from daily life.

We can also help you combat the feelings of guilt and shame that come from addiction and give you techniques to increase your willpower to help you stay free of addiction in the long term.

After successful treatment at our clinic in Sydney, or long distance treatment via Skype Therapy, you can enjoy being free of the need to spend all your time online. Increased time for work and relaxation, better ability to relax, improved mood and better relationships with those around you are just a few of the benefits you can look forward to.

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