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Need Help With Anger Management in Sydney? Angus Munro Psychology Can Help

Our acclaimed anger management clinic can help you control your temper and deal with issues of anger in your life. If you are worried about your anger and want confidential, effective support then we are here for you. Our team can help you find healthy ways of expressing yourself and give you the tools and techniques to react to stress more calmly. Angus and his team of psychologists promise to work diligently in helping you overcome anger issues that are holding you back from the life you want.

Everyone gets angry once in a while. Stressful situations and challenges can leave you feeling frustrated and learning how to cope with these difficult situations healthily is a part of everyday life. While there is nothing wrong with anger itself, controlling your emotions and expressing yourself in a way that does not threaten those around you is an essential skill in coping with the pressures of daily life. If you have difficulty keeping your temper under control and need help regulating your reaction to anger, Angus Munro Psychology is a team of experienced clinical psychologists can help with anger management in Sydney and the surrounding area.

What Makes You Angry?

All sorts of situations and events can cause anger. These can include:

  • Fear or danger- as part of a “fight or flight” reaction
  • Stress- at work, home or caused by relational or financial difficulties
  • Remembering painful experiences
  • Jealousy
  • Feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with your situation
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Components of Anger

Anger is made up of three separate components. Psychological anger is the emotional experience of being angry- feeling frustrated, agitated or even enraged. Biological anger refers to the changes in your body which occur when in a heightened state of stress or anger. These can include increased heart rate, tensing of muscles and raised blood pressure. Finally cognitive anger refers to the thought processes which follow from feeling anger, such as recalling other instances where a specific person has made you angry, or attempts to rationalise your feelings of anger.

These three components work together to produce experiences of anger which can easily escalate out of control.

Is Your Anger Out of Control?

Constantly high levels of stress and anger can put strain on the important relationships in your life and reduce your ability to cope with the pressures of your work and home life. Anger also produces raised blood pressure can lead to health complications including anxiety disorder and insomnia.

Spotting excessive anger in yourself can often be difficult as you usually feel totally justified in your angry reaction during the moment. If you frequently find yourself regretting angry outbursts or wondering why you reacted in such a way, you may need help with anger management. Likewise if those around you are trying to tell you that your anger is becoming a problem, it is a good idea to listen.

Stressful circumstances can always produce anger, and while some negative emotional reaction to adversity is unavoidable, letting your anger get the best of you is unacceptable in any situation. Anger that that results in abusive or violent behaviour or makes you a threat to yourself and those around you needs to be controlled.

Don’t Let Anger Get the Best of You- Contact Us for Evidence Based Anger Management Therapy

Professionals at Angus Munro Psychology Angus Munro Psychology provide Anger management counselling to give you the tools to control your anger while helping you identify and address the causes of stress and anger in your life. Our confidential and non-judgemental anger treatment can help you manage your emotional experiences and direct your emotion into healthier and more controlled expressions.

We will help you learn ways of calming the three components of anger to de-escalate your reaction before it spirals out of control. This includes learning breathing techniques and muscle relaxation to manage the biological aspects of anger, developing more healthy thought patterns and learning to identify and regulate your emotional reactions.

Anger counselling and therapy also looks at changing the underlying thoughts and beliefs which may lead to problems with uncontrollable anger. Our expert counsellors can also help you form ways of expressing yourself in a less angry and hostile way and help you deal with difficult interpersonal relationships. We also offer help to manage stress and anxiety, which may be contributing to your feelings of anger and frustration.

Contact our mental health professionals today for your first appointment. We offer both face to face and online counselling.

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