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Looking for Effective Anxiety Treatment in Sydney?

If you’re struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder, you’ve come to the right place. Angus Munro Psychology is a specialist clinic in Sydney that offers assessment and treatment for adults whose anxiety is affecting their health, mood and quality of life. As an established psychological practice we provide right guidance and support to help you manage anxiety, stress, depression and worry.  Angus Munro, a renowned clinical psychologist, has also previously been involved in delivering programs at the Anxiety Research Unit at Macquarie University. As part of his interest he has conducted research into individual factors that may influence therapy outcomes in anxiety. We at Angus Munro Psychology are devoted to providing cutting edge, effective and evidence-based psychological treatment programs for those who are suffering from anxiety disorders and mental illness. We offer both face to face and Skype therapy.

Are You Suffering From Anxiety? Symptoms Checklist:

Some Emotional Symptoms Include:

  • Constantly high stress and worry
  • Regular worries about health, finances, your job, your relationships etc
  • Recurring thoughts which intrude into your mind and are difficult to shake
  • Panic attacks
  • Fear of specific situations
  • Restlessness and difficulty sleeping
  • Inability to relax
  • Tendency to focus on negatives and imagines worst-case scenarios
  • Fear or distress as a result of a traumatic experience or loss

Some Physical Symptoms Include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Increased heart rate and heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Muscle aches and tension
  • Blushing
  • Tingling
  • Feeling hot or feeling a cold chill
  • Reduced physical health or increased susceptibility to illness.


If you suffer from any of these symptoms or feel like worry and fear are taking over your life you may be suffering from some form of anxiety disorder. Coming forward for anxiety treatment requires immense courage but our proven mental health services are the best way to alleviate your symptoms and reduce the effect of fear on your life.

We Provide Treatment For:

Master Your Anxiety with Effective Therapy

We offer a range of evidence-based techniques which are proven to help reduce the symptoms of the full spectrum of anxiety disorders. Our range of therapies includes:

  • CBT– aimed at giving you the tools to change your thinking and alter the way you react to stressful situations. CBT is the most widely-used therapy for anxiety disorders. Decades of research around the world has consistently proven it to be highly effective in the assessment and treatment of panic disorder, phobias, GAD, social anxiety, PTSD, OCD, health anxiety and many other mental disorders.
  • Counselling and support – we give you a safe space to explore your anxiety and confront your fears.
  • Exposure Therapy- an effective treatment for phobias which exposes you to your feared object in a controlled way so as to remove the fear response.
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)- take control of your OCD by learning to face the source of your obsessions without resorting to your compulsive response.
  • Schema Therapy– an in-depth program that looks at your core values and deeply held beliefs that may be causing you to see the world in a harmful way.
  • SFBT– an empowering style aimed at helping you achieve the goals you see as important, using the strengths and coping strategies you have already developed to cure your issues with fear and worry.
  • ACT– focusing on helping you confront and accept your emotional distress rather than spending energy trying to avoid it
  • Compassion Focussed Therapy (CFT)– learn to have compassion for yourself, reduce self-critical thoughts and improve self-esteem in order to reduce your emotional suffering and improve your mental health.
  • DBT– learn to regulate the extremity of your emotions, stabilise your mental health and cope more effectively with distress and depression.
  • Motivational Interviewing– a collaborative counselling service aimed at giving you the motivation and mindset to change unhealthy thoughts or behaviour.
  • Narrative Therapy– looking at issues in the context of the narrative of your life and externalising issues in order to view and treat them more objectively.

All our approaches and management program are based on sound scientific evidence and centred on you and your specific needs and circumstances.

Take Control of Your Anxiety With the Help of Our Expert Team of Psychologists

We have years of experience and world class expertise in dealing with anxiety in all its forms. With the help of our qualified counsellors or psychologist you will enjoy the following health and lifestyle benefits:

  • Reduced symptoms
  • Increased feelings of calm and security about the future
  • Reduced fear reaction when exposed to the object of your anxiety
  • New coping strategies to help you manage your symptoms in your day to day life
  • Better sleep, increased physical health and more energy
  • A sense of control over your life and your circumstances
  • The ability to think more positively and identify when you are thinking irrational or unhelpful thoughts
  • Increased confidence to live the life you want to


Ready to live a life free from anxiety and worry? Contact our mental health professionals today for your first appointment. We can also help you via online counselling.

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