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6/15 by Angus Munro
How to change your relationship to anxiety and depression

To rid ourselves of negative emotions like anxiety and depression, a lot of time goes up in smoke. Much of what we do has no lasting impact. We simply continue to struggle. Anxiety and depression keep getting “the best of us”. But what if we’ve got our focus on dealing with anxiety and d.....

6/10 by Angus Munro
Tackle social anxiety by optimising your “personal spam filter”

So many of us are in the habit of comparing ourselves to others. Often, the comparisons we make are unfavorable, to us. We perceive a particular personality feature or behaviour as our “weakness” when we compare to others on that dimension. This common enough habit can drive you down. It c.....

How to combat social anxiety with “bus stop diplomacy”

Social anxiety is a tough thing for anyone to experience. It’s also one of those things that, when it does surface in our lives, its impact on us can compound. The more socially anxious we are, the more likely we are to see social interactions with other people in black and white terms. As a.....

When Shyness Becomes Social Anxiety

How you might not really be who you think you are Shyness is common enough. Social anxiety, too. Most people have a certain level of shyness in social situations. It doesn’t really inhibit our social existence. But for others, shyness can turn into feelings of anxiety. That anxiety can re.....

5/31 by Angus Munro
How to murder procrastination 4 times a day

Procrastination, it’s like that horrendous monster chasing you down in childhood nightmares. Remember those nightmares? Every night, you dreaded going to sleep. You knew you’d wake in a cold sweat. (more…).....

5/24 by Angus Munro
Go Further With The Explorer’s Decision-Making Paradigm

Do you feel a great pressure when faced with decision-making? Many of us do. When making decisions, our choices often turn out against us in the short term. The dissatisfaction leads us to give ourselves a hard time. (more…).....

5/20 by Angus Munro
Live Your Life As A Work Of Art

Art has a big place in my life. How about you? Just the other day, I was at the gallery, checking out the latest exhibition. As I wandered through the halls, taking in the amazing artworks, I overheard a mother and her teenage child speaking. (more…).....

5/17 by Angus Munro
Meditation & Mindfulness, Not Quite What You Thought

Mindfulness. It’s a sexy subject these days. Everywhere you turn, somebody is talking about mindfulness. Not a bad thing, really. More and more research is coming out, suggesting mindfulness is a powerful antidote to many of the psychological issues that confront us today in the mod.....

5/12 by Angus Munro
Watch Out, White Rabbits Ahead

It was several years ago, now. Rain was pelting down. I was driving along, concentrating hard on the water washed road ahead. Through the windshield, past the swishing windscreen wipers, I noticed a car on the side of the road. The driver was sitting motionless, in the gutter! (mo.....

5/10 by Angus Munro
Perfectionism, Overwhelm, Stress – And Your Compassion Superpower

Perfectionism ... The Oxford English Dictionary defines "perfectionism" as “the refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.” It isn't just about high standards, though. Perfectionism is also about the consequences of those high standards: feeling overwhelmed and feeling stressed.....

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