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Alchemy, your unexpected psychological white magic

Alchemy. Funny concept, isn’t it? Conjures up images of wacky medieval wizards working “magic”. Turning lead into gold. Getting something for nothing, Ya, right! But hold on. (more…).....

How to “engineer” your reality

Putting 100 People Through Pain For Science? Several years ago, I attended a conference on pain management. (more…).....

Why is change your enemy?

Change is often a struggle for people. Maybe it is for you, too. (more…).....

Is It Time To Embrace Your Stubbornness?

Stubbornness. It’s a funny concept, really. Usually we think of stubbornness as something that works against us. It’s like a form of closed-mindedness or self-sabotage to us. There aren’t many people who have a nice thing to say about stubbornness, really. But what if we’ve go.....

Experience Is NOT Always the Best Teacher

I find it interesting how our beliefs about the world become so ingrained we often don’t notice it. I’m not talking about saying “I believe this...” or “I believe that...”. I mean the things we think about the world that we don’t question much like physical phenomenon like the sky.....

5/19 by Angus Munro
The Power of Questions

How many of us have had an initial worry thought pop into our heads which then turned into a run-away train that we were still on 30 minutes later? What if I don’t get that report done on time? What will my boss say? What will I do if I lose my job? If I lose my job how long wil.....

4/27 by Angus Munro
Change part 2: Beware of Sunk Costs

Most of us have had the experience of buying a new item of clothing, taking it home and then hanging it in the closet. The years drift by and every time you look at it you think “no, it’s not really me”. You can’t bring yourself to throw it out even though you know you will never wear it......

4/24 by Angus Munro
Change part 1: Have you got your 2% today?

The idea of change is endlessly fascinating. Thinking about changing or coming to treatment can be scary. We start with the assumption that we are ambivalent about change. Part of us wants to change but part of us doesn’t. We may have beliefs about the change process itself as well as the be.....

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