Online Psychologist Counselling and Skype Therapy Services for Psychological and Metal Health Diseases

Online Counselling and Skype Therapy Services for Mental Health Difficulties

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We offer Expert Online Counselling and Skype Therapy Services Anywhere in Australia

Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome difficulties you are facing through long distance Skype therapy. Using expert online counselling we can help you with anxiety, phobias, addictions, depression, stress and more without the need to leave your home. Angus and his team guarantee to work tirelessly to help you manage your symptoms and live a better life, wherever you live.

Not everyone can make it to face-to-face counselling appointments. Whether due to fears about leaving the house or an inability to travel, finding time to regularly attend our clinic isn’t always feasible. For this reason we offer Skype therapy- online counselling that uses all the same principles as face-to-face therapy on a long distance basis.

Online therapy and counselling in Australia from our expert counsellors is perfect if you cannot access therapy in person and is just as effective in treating a wide variety of common disorders. Many different psychological therapies can be conducted on a remote basis, from stress counselling, executive coaching and relationship management to Solution Focussed Brief Therapy aimed at giving you the tools and though processes you need to live a better adjusted life.

Who is Skype Therapy for?

Online counselling can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy for treating many common psychological disorders. As with face-to-face counselling, the important aspects of Skype therapy are the relationship between the client and the counsellor, the counsellor’s expertise and the client’s desire to bring positive change into their life.

Online counselling can be highly effective in treating a number of conditions. Below are to name a few:

How Does Online Counselling Work?

Accessing online counselling for depression, anxiety and other disorders is easy with Angus Munro Psychology. All you need is:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A quiet room or space where you can talk without being interrupted
  • A computer or laptop with a webcam
  • Skype video calling software

Using video calling you can interact with your counsellor in exactly the same way as if you were face to face. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a private space so that you can be sure your therapy session won’t be interrupted. The sessions can take place around your work and other commitments, making online counselling perfect for those with busy work lives or commitments like caring for young children.

What are the Benefits of Skype or Online Therapy and Counselling?

Skype therapy is ideally suited for those who are unable to travel to face-to-face counselling appointments, whether due to distance, busy schedules or mobility issues. Wherever you live in Australia, if you feel you need counselling to help you cope with the difficulties you are experiencing, but lack the time or physical ability to travel, online counselling might be right for you.

There are other reasons to consider online counselling besides just the practical benefits. If you are experiencing severe anxiety then stepping outside of the comfort of your house can be a huge obstacle to overcome in itself. Skype therapy removes this barrier by giving you access to our expert counselling directly in your home. Likewise if your anxiety is specifically related to travelling or going outside, Skype therapy is perfect for getting help without exposure to the source of your worry.

Some people may also find that online therapy is less intimidating and easier to engage with. Being seated n the comfort of your own home and not physically being in the same location as the counsellor can help you feel less inhibited and more likely to open up about sensitive or potentially embarrassing issues such as sexual difficulties.

Our Online Counselling is Available Across Australia and World-Wide

Our online therapy gives you all the benefits of traditional therapy wherever you are in Australia. Like all our other therapy options, Skype counselling is based on years of scientific evidence and aims to help you address and resolve ways of thinking and acting which may be impacting your life.

Online therapy can give you a safe space to explore fears or thought patterns you are experiencing and construct better ways of viewing the world with the help of your expert therapist. You will learn new ways of coping with your symptoms while benefiting from increased self esteem, higher confidence and expert psychological guidance, all without leaving your home.

Online therapy from Angus Munro Psychology for anxiety, depression and other major conditions is highly effective and can have long-term success in reducing your symptoms while addressing the underlying causes of your difficulties.

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