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For Psychologists Inspired By The Future For
Cutting-Edge, Evidence-Based Therapy & Treatment

The future for mental health services in Australia is bright.For enthusiastic psychologists who embrace cutting-edge evidence-based therapeutic methods and techniques, rewarding opportunity abounds.

The future is for innovative professionals ready to adapt and evolve their practice to better serve the changing needs and demands of clients.

Greater professional satisfaction will come for those with eyes on what is possible in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression and, the development of optimal mind for better living.

To seize this opportunity, we’re building an enthusiastic team of innovative and quality-driven expert psychologists.

The expert psychologists we bring onboard will be empowered by our vision to create the next generation clinic where,

Convinced A Profitable Future For The Expert Psychologist Is Not:

The committed and career-minded professional deserves more than the burden of filling in time sheets.

At Angus Munro Psychology We’re Offering The Right Applicant More For Their Future

Angus Munro Psychology is a private psychology practice inextricably wedded to the future.

We provide treatment, therapy and counseling services at our Sydney office in Cammeray.

Our passionate commitment is to work with clients using the most up-to-date evidence-based treatments, focusing on all areas of mental health.

Right now, we’re looking for the right person, a confirmed psychologist (Clinical or Generalist), to join us in forging the future of a new generation clinic.


The Opportunity

This is a perfect chance for someone who is willingly develop their clinical knowledge and skills with a strong desire to take on new and exciting challenges.

Your caseload will be predominantly adults, all experiencing a broad range of mental health conditions.

There’s an exciting and diverse range of casework with committed clients who value your work.

Many clients will be high functioning and seeking a blend of therapy, treatment and personal development.

There will be opportunities to apply a coaching mentality where business development is the core focus, too.

In many instances, your task will be more about helping people “learn to surf”, rather than always “trying to keep their heads above water”.

The roles we’re currently offering start on the basis of 2-3 days per week (hours to be negotiated) with scope for more.


Your Signature Mark

Joining Angus Munro Psychology is an opportunity to work with a practice with vision.

We have a 100% commitment to developing modern and innovative clinical services for discerning clients.

Our purpose is to develop the next generation of clinic for emerging challenges and treatments in mental health in Australia.

Even at the level of administration, we’re moving forward by embracing new technology, empowering work practices and developing the paperless office.

This is a perfect opportunity to become a founding member and have a signature imprint on this developing venture.


The Perfect Fit For A Confirmed Career-Minded Psychologist

At Angus Munro Psychology, your thirst for knowledge will be quenched and nourished.

You’ll not be pigeonholed.

There’s wide scope for growth. You’ll be encouraged to learn and tap into a lot of new knowledge. Your casework will be exciting and diverse.

This is a position made for those who want more than a static environment. It’s for the professional who wants to grow and needs the space to do so.

You’ll find your need to work autonomously respected and encouraged, while simultaneously finding a supportive and dynamic environment behind you.

Plus, you’re remuneration will grow with real incentives.

If this sounds good to you, send in your application now.


Here’s what we’ll need to hear from you

You’re someone with great people skills. Communicating, you master. Working autonomously and as part of a small expert team, you do comfortably.

You are also,

We want to see you have,

We’d also value you having,

Importantly, you have,


Is this you?

Perhaps you have other core qualities we’d like to hear about.

Send us your application now.


Here’s what will happen next

We like to get things done promptly, so once you’ve send your application via the form below, we’ll get back to you shortly (usually within 24 hours).

For applications with the right mix, we’ll then set up a meeting.

We value your time, so if it’s preferable to you, that meeting can be via Skype.

Based on that initial meeting, a decision will be made whether to proceed to the next phase.

A face-to-face meeting will be required. That will allow you to also discover our working environment.

Once a final decision is made and an agreement on terms is settled, we’ll begin to assign casework that suits you.


It’s that simple

Send us your application now by clicking the “Apply Now” button to fill out the short application form.

You can also attach your CV using the “Upload Your CV” function.

It’s preferable your CV is in PDF format.

Then all you need to do is press the “Send My Application” button.

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Let’s go. This will be fun.