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Are You Too Hard on Yourself? Our Compassion Focused Therapists in Sydney Can Help

Our expert team of psychologists can help you feel more compassion towards yourself and others. If self-criticism and low self-esteem are holding you back from the life you want to live, our Compassion Focused Therapist can help you see yourself differently. Angus and his team will work tirelessly to give you the best possible evidence-based CFT Therapy and help you find the confidence and self-respect that you need to succeed.

Angus Munro Psychology a team of experienced clinical psychologists delivers confidential and evidence-led Compassion Focused Therapy in Sydney for those suffering from high levels of self-criticism. Self-criticism and feelings of shame can have extremely negative effects on the person’s mental wellbeing. People who experience feelings of inadequacy and constantly need to criticize themselves rarely feel accepted and safe in their surroundings.

Compassion focused therapy was developed as a means of combating this harsh way some people view themselves. It derives from evolutionary, social and developmental psychology and also draws influence from Buddhist psychology. CFT is built upon the premise that we function at our best when we experience and feel that we are cared about, know that we are wanted and valued, and are caring, helping and valuing others.

What is the Goal of Compassion Focused Therapy?

It is said that compassion can be taught; one doesn’t necessarily have to be born with it. Those lacking compassion (for themselves and others) are able to acquire it with practice. Those who exhibit very high levels of shame and self-criticism are often very unkind to themselves and lack self-compassion. People can develop these negative feelings towards themselves from traumatic experiences, abuse and neglect. Often these negative experiences date all the way to childhood, making them rooted in the person’s memory and causing immense fear of rejection and criticism. These ingrained feelings of low self-worth and the need to achieve to be accepted can form a core part of your personality and the way you see the world.

If you find yourself constantly feeling like you do not belong, or are constantly putting yourself down and unable to see yourself in a positive light, CFT from Angus Munro Psychology may be the answer.

Learn to Love and Accept Yourself with Compassion Focussed Therapy in Sydney

Angus Munro Psychology can help you react more positively to yourself and the world. Our expert Compassion Focussed Therapy is perfect for anyone in the Sydney area who struggles with self-worth and detachment from themselves and others.

Compassionate mind training (CMT) refers to the exercises and practices in CFT. Part of CMT is training yourself to react to situations in a more positive light, silencing the inner voice of constant criticism and fostering compassion for yourself. Our CFT therapists will guide you through the process and help you see the world in a new, more positive way. This enhanced way of thinking will work wonders for self esteem, daily functioning and your ability to form deep, meaningful relationships with others.

In CMT there is a large focus on imagery, along with mindfulness, Socratic dialogues (internal discussions or debates aimed at challenging your thoughts and beliefs) and re-scripting. This has proven effective in combating a range of unhealthy thought and behaviour patterns.

Get in touch with us for detailed information about Compassion Focused Therapy and Counselling. We warmly welcome anyone living Sydney area to visit our clinic for effective evidence based CFT Therapy. Contact us now to find out more.

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