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If you need help with the direction your life story is heading, we at Angus Munro Psychology are here for you. Our team of expert psychologists offer effective evidence-based Narrative Therapy to help you see your problems in their proper perspective. We can help you see the whole story of your life and re-write it to be more in line with where you want to go. Angus and his team will work tirelessly to help you feel more in control of your life and better equipped to face the future.

Peoples’ lives are made up of countless experiences that they organize in ways that help them make sense of their existence. These events are stories, or narratives that are assigned relative meanings, and make up the landscape of a person’s life.

The narrative perspective contends that the stories we and other hold about ourselves shape how we act, feel and think and therefore exert enormous influence on our lives. Over time certain stories take a dominant role in our lives and these stories may not have been consciously chosen by us. When a person’s life is significantly affected by what in narrative therapy may be termed a “problem saturated dominant story” it can be useful to deconstruct these stories.

We organise our experience and our memory of human happening in these stories, excuses, myths, reasons for doing and not doing etc. Narrative therapy has as part of its process a revisiting of the origins of some of these forgotten, sometimes positive, sometimes hurtful, or unfinished stories, so that they can “re-author” their lives toward preferred outcomes.

Narrative therapy views problems as separate from people and assumes people have many skills, competencies, beliefs, values that will assist them to change their relationship with problems in their lives.

Our experienced psychologists in Sydney often use components of narrative therapy as supporting processes as part of other, evidence based therapies & treatments, when they feel it is useful and appropriate. We warmly welcome anyone living in Sydney area to visit our clinic for effective  and evidence based Narrative Therapy across Sydney, Australia.

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