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Our Schema Therapists in Sydney Can Offer Solutions to Negative Ways of Viewing the World

“Schema Therapy: A Comprehensive Treatment for Entrenched Psychological Problems”. If you have suffered from long-term mental health problems and want to break free from thought patterns and cycles that have affected your entire life, the expert team at Angus Munro Psychology are here to help. Our intensive and evidence-based schema therapy can help you totally rebuild your view of yourself and the world, letting you see things differently and change the way you live your life. Angus and his team will work tirelessly with you to identify and treat the negative thoughts and cycles in your life.

Angus Munro Psychology provides evidence-driven Schema Therapy in Sydney, Australia for long-standing mental illnesses. Sometimes mental illness occurs due to deeply ingrained and long standing ways of thinking about yourself and the world. These established patterns of thought, or schema, are developed during childhood and can play a huge part in shaping the way you think about yourself and others as an adult. Negative or maladaptive schema can have serious mental health consequences.

Schema psychotherapy comes from the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tradition, but adds a mix of other elements drawn from attachment, Gestalt, object relations, constructivist and psychoanalytic schools of therapy. It was formulated to help break long standing and self-defeating patterns often arising in childhood and continually repeated throughout life. It is therefore well suited to people with entrenched, chronic psychological disorders who have previously been considered difficult to treat. It begins with an assessment phase where participants review their life history. During this counselling current difficulties are linked to past events. The next step is assessment tools and questionnaires that are used to help the participant detect their maladaptive schemas.

Schema therapy has isolated 18 different patterns called schemas. An Early Maladaptive Schema is:

  • A broad, pervasive theme or pattern
  • Comprised of memories, emotions, cognitions, and bodily sensations
  • Regarding oneself and one’s relationships with others
  • Developed during childhood or adolescence
  • Elaborated throughout one’s lifetime and
  • Dysfunctional to a significant degree

Schema Therapy from Angus Munro Psychology Can Free You from Long Standing Mental Illness

Schema psychotherapy examines those false sets of ideas that have created the negative schema and aims to work with the client to help them understand the world may not be as they perceive. Intense work is required to erase a false picture and replace it with a new perception of reality.

The various mental disorders that we can treat at our clinic using Schema Therapy and the various benefits you will get after successful treatment:

Schema Therapy can Help You to Cure Following Disorders and Difficulties

After Successful Schema Therapy You can Look Forward to Below Improvements:

  • Reduced negative and anxious thoughts
  • A happier way of seeing the world
  • More positive beliefs about yourself and those around you
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • A more consistent mood and better ability to regulate emotions
  • Freedom from long standing habits, addictions and thought patterns
  • Freedom to pursue the life you always wanted


With the help of our expert schema therapist in Sydney, Australia you can begin to see the negative cycles in your life and their underlying causes. By re-writing the rules by which you view the world you can change your entire perspective on life and free yourself from seemingly unbeatable chronic conditions. Schema therapy can help liberate you from a lifetime of self-destructive behaviour and mental illness. The experts at Angus Munro Psychology create a safe and confidential space for you to confront your worldview and re-shape it into something much more healthy and positive. Schema therapy has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of issues ranging from depression and eating disorders to personality disorders.

Schema therapy can be highly effective in helping you totally re-write your view of the world. Angus and his expert team of psychologists will work tirelessly to give you the best possible therapy and help you see your world in a new light.

Contact our psychotherapist in Sydney, Australia today to find out how Schema Therapy & Treatment can help you in leading a healthy life.

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