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At Angus Munro psychology the idea of treatment encompasses a broad range of ideas and definitions.

Many people come to therapy because they feel they are in the red zone as shown in the diagram. This is where they feel that their psychological functioning is beneath where they think it should be and they want to return to “normal functioning”, whatever that means to them.

However, others might feel like they are functioning “normally” but wish to either maintain that functioning or enhance it to a level that is greater, a level where they can more fully live a best life. We take the view that we tune our cars rather than wait until they break down to fix them and so tuning our psychological health is of even greater importance.

We support clients in either paradigm with evidence based tools which we constantly update with the latest research. We support clients moving from wherever they believe they are to wherever they wish to go. We have our researchers scan the top psychology journals every month (currently in excess of 120) and we integrate new knowledge into our existing approaches. We spend countless hours each week studying newly released psychological material. We believe we have the largest professional library of any psychology practice in Australia. We are passionate about being state of the art and committed to providing effective Psychology Treatment & Counseling Services in Sydney, Australia.

Angus Munro Psychology

Angus Munro is a registered clinical psychologist and clinic director at Angus Munro Psychology in Sydney, Australia.
Angus has extensive experience in private practice, hospital and university research environments. He has also delivered anxiety programs at the renowned Anxiety Research Unit at Macquarie University.

Angus Munro Psychology


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