Harnessing Stress

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Living with stress can be like driving your car with the handbrake on and an anchor dragging behind.

Sometimes stress enters our lives when we ask too much of our internal resources. It can also come when we’re using those internal resources inefficiently.

Stress chronically limits our effectiveness. It impacts our health and undermines our confidence. That further reduces our performance.

It can be a vicious cycle.

Concentration and focus start to erode. The cycle continues to spiral down.

But we all have goals and plans for our lives we want to realize. We have responsibilities and values to uphold.

Stress can undo our work to achieving success in these domains … and it can stop us in our tracks from going further to achieve our best life.

How can we enhance our lives and live our full capability if stress takes over?

What do we do to create meaning at high levels without overtaxing our biological systems when stress weighs us down?

We all face the challenge of living in a modern world which places pressures our biological systems were not designed to manage.

But manage we must … and thrive we can.

Our biology was meant for a very different time. It was designed for an epoch where intense responses to threats were required only periodically.

Today, however, our biological systems are often activated constantly … even when there is no threat in sight.

So what do we do?

Anyone can tell you to “improve your work-life balance”. Many will tell you to “take it easy” and “stop driving yourself so hard”.

But all these well-meaning clichés call upon us to compromise performance.

There is another way.

The high level solution is to learn how you can go forward without compromise.

You can keep high levels of performance (and even increase it) without damaging yourself in the process.

With the science of evidence based psychology, tailored to your individual situation, you can go further.

That’s what we do with you at Angus Munro Psychology … empowering you to overcome the negative impact of stress to live your best life.


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