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Angus Munro Psychology offers Self Esteem Therapy for Building Self Confidence

If you struggle to see yourself positively and if low self esteem is holding you back from living the life you want to, our team of experts are here to help. Our supportive and evidence based self esteem therapy can help you eliminate negative thoughts and give you the confidence and skills you need to face life unafraid. Angus and his team of psychologists guarantee to work tirelessly to help you see yourself differently so that you can life the best life possible.

Self esteem refers to the way in which you see yourself. Those with high self esteem generally think well of themselves, are happy with who they are and can take pride in their accomplishments. Those with lower self esteem find it hard to see the good in themselves and are often highly critical of their performance in work and life. Low levels of self-belief inevitably lead to lower self confidence as you struggle to see yourself as worthy of being considered and often retreat from chances to take the spotlight or assume responsibility. Those with very low self esteem are often deeply unhappy with themselves and their lives and regularly suffer from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorder. If low self esteem is impacting your life then expert self esteem therapy from Angus Munro Psychology could be the answer.  We are a team of expert clinical psychologists in Sydney who can help you in building self esteem.

What Causes Low Self Esteem?

Low self confidence and difficulty believing in yourself is developed and fostered over time. The formation of these negative beliefs about yourself often begins in childhood with experiences of neglect or failing to live up to perceived standards. Coming from a household where praise and attention were absent or failing to meet the standards set by your parents or classmates at school can lead to regularly perceiving yourself as being unworthy of attention and incapable of achieving.

These external standards and voices of negativity are then internalised, giving rise to high levels of inhibition and self-criticism which can continue into adult life. This biased way of thinking about yourself can shape how you see all future interactions and endeavours- focusing your attention on the things you do wrong and making it harder to see the things you do well. Low self-esteem is not directly linked to low ability- people can have wildly inaccurate views about their own abilities even if other people view them as highly successful. Low self esteem does however reduce confidence and your willingness to put yourself forward, which in turn can have knock-on effects on other people’s perception of your abilities, creating a negative cycle of reinforcement.

Very low self esteem often leads to social anxiety disorders and an inability to see yourself positively, producing further difficulties such as anxiety disorders, depression and even eating disorders.

Identifying self esteem difficulties can be hard because your views about yourself are deeply ingrained and you may be unaware that there is anything inaccurate about the way you see yourself. But if you find yourself constantly fearful of social interaction, avoidant of putting yourself forward and constantly criticising yourself then you should consider looking for self esteem therapy.

Contact Us for Self Esteem Therapy that Lets You See Yourself Differently

Angus Munro Psychology provides effective therapy for low self esteem and it will help you challenge the negative way you view yourself and will help you in building self esteem. By spotting excessively negative thoughts and beliefs you will gain the insight needed to start re-writing your inner thoughts and dialogue into something that builds you up instead of tearing you down.

Self esteem therapy frees you from inner voices of negativity which you may have been living with for much of your life. Our expert self esteem counsellors can also help you with interpersonal skills and develop your confidence, while also offering expert treatment for anxiety and other issues which may have arisen due to low self esteem.

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