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Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome addiction to videogames at our clinic in Sydney. Using expert evidence-based therapy and cognitive techniques we can help you feel more in control while increasing your self-confidence and willpower. Angus and his team guarantee to work tirelessly to help you overcome your addiction.

Videogames are a common pastime in adults and young people of all ages. While games are not considered harmful in themselves, excessive use can lead to dependence and addiction just like with any other pleasurable experience. Although not formally recognised as a separate mental health condition, psychologists are becoming increasingly aware of the risk of becoming addicted to videogames, and the behavioural and cognitive changes that this produces.

What Causes Gaming Addiction?

Similar to other process-based addictions like internet addiction and porn addiction, gaming addiction can start out as a harmless hobby. Over time high levels of game playing can lead to changes in the brain which cause you to constantly want to be playing games and feel agitated when you are unable to.

Games are intended to be fun to play, and research shows that achievements within the game like completing a particular quest or getting to the next level give you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. This sense of accomplishment can draw you into to playing more and for longer periods of time as the next “reward” is just on the horizon.

Like other addictions gaming addiction can also be a source of escapism and a way to avoid the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Gaming addiction is common in those who are already suffering from anxiety or depression disorder issues and is particularly prevalent in individuals who suffer from shyness and low self-esteem. Online gaming presents an opportunity for people with social anxiety or low self-esteem to live an entirely different life where their perceived shortcomings are hidden behind their online persona.

Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

Spending time playing videogames becomes a problem only when it becomes your main priority and other important parts of life, such as work, school and family relationships, are neglected. Symptoms of gaming addiction can include:

  • Spending hours at a time playing games so that other areas of your life are ignored
  • Persisting in constantly playing videogames despite being aware of the impact it is having on your life
  • Feeling agitated or in a low mood when unable to play games
  • Inability to manage the time you spend playing games
  • Continuing to play games when they are no longer fun and exciting

Other people’s perceptions can also be a good indicator as to whether your gaming habits have gotten out of hand. If your parents, partner or friends think you are spending too much time gaming, it might be a good idea to listen.

If you live in the Sydney area and find yourself unable to control your gaming habits, Angus Munro Psychology has the answer in the form of effective, evidence-based gaming addiction counselling.

Our Gaming Addiction Treatment Centre in Sydney will Help You Take Back Control

With the help of the expert gaming addiction psychologists at Angus Munro Psychology you will be able to re-structure your life and put gaming back in its proper place. Our effective and confidential treatment is aimed at breaking the cycle of addictive thoughts and behaviours using evidence-based cognitive techniques. We will help you set manageable goals and come up with a realistic and positive plan of action to help you take back control of your life.

We can also assess your gaming addiction holistically in the wider perspective of your lifestyle. If you are using gaming as a way of avoiding stress or for escaping from constantly feeling depressed, we can help. By treating the reason for your distress, you will find that you no longer have any reason to want to escape.

We can also provide counselling aimed at increasing self confidence and interpersonal skills, making you more able to engage with those around you and less reliant on your online gaming world for support.

Coming to us about gaming addiction and admitting you need help can be difficult, but with our expert, non-judgemental counselling and years of experience you can rest assured it is the right decision. Successful treatment at our gaming addiction treatment centre in Sydney can give you the confidence and skills you need to re-engage with life and feel more connected to the people around you.

Contact Angus Munro Psychology for Expert Gaming Addiction Therapy and Treatment available at Our Clinic in Sydney. If you are outside from Sydney, we can help you via Online Counselling

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