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1/18 by Angus Munro
Self Compassion as a Lifelong Process Rather than a Goal

Many times we engage with psychological techniques with an outcome focus. The idea is that we work with a technique for a certain length of time and then hopefully it becomes part of our functioning. From there we can either move on to a new or more advanced technique or we may think we have reac.....

1/11 by Angus Munro
The Closed Loop – How Beliefs Create and Change Your Reality

I’m endlessly fascinated by the impact of our beliefs on our life experience and emotions. I’m talking about our core beliefs here- not surface level beliefs like: "I believe in this political party", or "I believe in a certain cause." The beliefs I'm talking about are so far out of our aware.....

Being a “Better” You- Why Talk of Change Can Be Dangerous

When I browse through self-help psychology and business sections of the average bookstore, it's interesting to see how many of those books are at their core books about change. Shelves are packed with messages about how we can change to something "better"- how to become someone different, to impr.....

The Orange Tree- Why Helping Yourself Helps Those Around You

Most of us have someone in the family who is constantly self-sacrificing and never taking time for themselves. They’re always the first to start on the housework and the last to switch off and relax and the end of the day. They’re the one who feels guilty if they're not doing something "produ.....

8/30 by Angus Munro
Willpower: Are you running on empty?

We hear a lot of talk about willpower. It’s one of those subjects everybody wants to know more about. People crave insight into willpower and, especially, how to get more of it. Hell, I wish I had more willpower. Don’t you? But what if this wish for more willpower was misplaced? What if.....

8/30 by Angus Munro
Check your psychological diet for radioactive “common sense”

Would you eat uranium? I doubt it. Physically, it would be a really bad idea. Then ask yourself, would you fill your life with radioactive psychology? Mentally and emotionally, that too would be a really bad idea. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what a lot of us do. Let me explain what I .....

8/30 by Angus Munro
Why you should not always “believe yourself”

Often, we have very strong beliefs about things. We create a strong narrative to back up those beliefs. Characters, plot, situations and multiple data points are amassed to build strength into that narrative. They all support the “factuality” of our narrative. Most of the time, these types o.....

6/28 by Angus Munro
What secrets Moore’s Law reveals about optimal thinking and self doubt

Let’s be honest. Many of us feel strong self doubt about our own abilities. This self doubt seriously handicaps potential and prevents us from leveraging the benefits of optimal thinking. Surrendering this way lets self doubt overtake us. It makes it very hard for us to live optimally. Le.....

6/24 by Angus Munro
Treat Your Psychological Techniques Like Antibiotics

Before we start, let’s get one thing clear. You can’t treat anxiety and stress by swallowing antibiotics. You need the best psychological techniques and evidence-based treatments to do that. Antibiotics are great for treating another type of ailment. When winter strikes and the wind, rain .....

6/21 by Angus Munro
How your wish for more confidence feeds anxiety

Many of us wish we had more confidence. If only we were more confident, we’d be able to start that project quicker. We’d be able to achieve our goals more easily. Hell, we’d feel less anxious about so many things we do each day! We’re convinced our lack of confidence is at the root of our.....

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