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Are You Living in the Sydney Area and Suffering from Long-Term Pain?

If long-term pain is taking its toll on your body and mind, expert treatment from Angus Munro Psychology Angus Munro Psychology can help you. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to help you regain your functionality and start living a fulfilling and independent life again. We are leading experts on effective chronic pain management programs and have worked with the Royal North Shore Hospital in developing new treatment plans. Contact us today to start your journey to recovery.

Chronic pain is often defined as pain lasting more than 12 weeks. While acute pain alerts us to possible injury, chronic pain can last for months or years even though no further physical damage is occurring. Chronic pain may arise from an injury or be driven by an ongoing cause such as illness.

Long-term pain and discomfort can be demoralising, frustrating and a big source of stress. It is common for chronic pain sufferers to continue to visit as many specialists as they can find, looking for the “magic bullet” to heal their pain, often with no success. Often the pain they feel drives avoidance- reluctance to undertake physical activity. This can make matters worse as reduced activity leads to physical ability and functioning, which in turn only serves to increase the stress and pain. The cycle can continue in a negative feedback loop of increased distress and decreased functionality that can go on for years.

Types of Chronic Pain

There are broadly two categories of pain. The first is Nociceptive. This type of pain results from direct tissue damage, for example that might occur after a bone fracture. The other type of pain is called Neuropathic pain, which is usually related to nerve damage.

There are many psychosocial impacts of chronic pain. Apart from the often apparent lifestyle changes due to lost or reduced functioning there are often intense psychological impacts such as anger, grief, anxiety and depression as you struggle to come to terms with their constant discomfort and pain. Substance abuse is common for many suffering from chronic pain as a means of escape and for many their life roles and identity can change significantly.

Contact Us for Effective and Evidence Based Chronic Pain Treatment and Counselling

Long term pain can be a debilitating and demoralising thing to live with. But with expert help from the chronic pain specialists at Angus Munro Psychology, you can break the negative cycle and get back on your feet.

While some aspects of psychological therapy address the pain experience itself, our evidence based chronic pain treatment attempts to help a person maintain or increase their level of functioning despite the pain. Remaining active despite chronic pain is a vital step in recovery and our client-centred counselling can also help you with the knock-on emotional effects such as depression and anxiety.

We have direct experience working on the ADAPT pain management program at Royal North Shore Hospital and have particular insight into the challenges of those wanting to enhance their quality of life despite living with chronic pain. The intensive three week ADAPT course focuses on helping you with improving functionality, combating poor mood and sleep and controlled reduction of medication and unnecessary mobility aids. We use this expert knowledge to enable you to manage your symptoms and reclaim control of your life.

We at Angus Munro Psychology provide evidence based chronic pain therapy to those living in Sydney, Australia. You can call us at: 0290561779 for more information. Alternately, you can also reach us through our contact form

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