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Expert Psychological Treatment for Social Anxiety in Sydney

If you suffer from intense anxiety in social situations and want to find expert help, look no further. Angus has a special interest in treating all aspects of social anxiety and social phobia. He and his team stay at the cutting edge of social anxiety research and have previously run programs at Macquarie University’s Anxiety Research Unit. We at Angus Munro Psychology in Sydney are committed to providing specialist psychological services to those who are suffering from social anxiety disorder and other anxiety-related difficulties. As an established psychology practice, we are devoted to providing treatments and assessments that are practical, effective and evidence-based.


There are all kinds of social situations that cause us fear or apprehension. Experiencing worry about giving a speech at a wedding or a presentation at work is a perfectly normal and understandable reaction. But for some people even the most everyday of social interactions can be a source of great anxiety and worry. Anxiety about social interaction that is so severe it prevents you from engaging with people around you and seriously impacts your daily life is called social anxiety disorder, or social phobia.

What Causes Social Anxiety?

Like other forms of anxiety, social anxiety can be brought about during childhood by unpleasant social experiences and certain parenting styles. Regular exposure to distressing social situations like bullying at school or conflict and abuse at home can lead children to avoid social interaction, which starts the cycle of negative thoughts, avoidance and reduced social ability.

Highly critical or overbearing parenting can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem in young people which often lead to anxiety about social interaction. There are also some genetic factors related to anxiety and a history of social anxiety in the family can put you at risk.

Symptoms of Social Anxiety

Emotional Symptoms:

  • Fear of social events long before they occur
  • Worry about what others think of you
  • Low self-esteem
  • Highly self-critical thoughts
  • Fear of humiliation
  • Intrusive thoughts about social situations that cause you distress
  • Fear of “saying the wrong thing”

Physical Symptoms:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Blushing
  • Trembling
  • Sweating
  • Feeling dizzy or faint

Social anxiety is typified by recurrent thoughts that other people are constantly criticising and judging you, along with a tendency to imagine the worst case scenario before engaging with other people. Those with social anxiety are often highly self-critical and suffer from low self-esteem, making them fearful of opening up or making themselves vulnerable in front of others.

This fear of rejection and judgement leads people to shy away from interaction with others. In turn this only serves to reduce your confidence and can cause others to perceive you as shy and awkward, leading to a self-defeating cycle of thoughts and behaviour in which your fears of being judged are realised.

Overcome Social Anxiety and Live Your Life to the Fullest

With the help of our mental health professionals you can overcome the fears worries that have held you back from enjoying life and connecting with others. Our evidence-based therapy aims to help you identify the thoughts and emotions which are causing your anxiety and help you develop more helpful ways of thinking about social situations.

We offer a range of effective therapy styles to suit any individual, including:

We can help you develop a better way of thinking, fostering your self-esteem and silencing the inner voice of criticism that is causing you to doubt yourself. Our sensitive and expert counsellors can create a safe space for you to explore the causes of your anxiety, and give you practical methods for overcoming anxiety that have an immediate and powerful effect on your life.

If you are tired of living with social anxiety and want to start living better, contact us now to make an appointment for your consultation. 

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Additional Information

What is Social Anxiety

Social anxiety or phobia is an acute fear of social interaction. This can include everything from a fear of meeting new people to speaking on the telephone or being in a large group of people. Performance fears such as fear of speaking or performing in front of others are also common, as is observational fear, or anxiety about being watched.

Many with social anxiety suffer from a range of situational fears, including

  • social interaction fears (e.g., dating, joining an ongoing conversation, being assertive),
  • performance fears (e.g., public speaking, playing a musical instrument in front of others) and
  • observational fears (e.g., working in front of others, walking down the street).

Common fears for individuals with social anxiety include:

  • “I’m going to make a fool of myself”
  • “I won’t know what to say and my mind will go blank”
  • “I’ll say the wrong thing”
  • “I’ll do the wrong thing”
  • “People will think I’m strange”

An Unresolved Issue

A huge number of people suffer from social anxiety, and the number is ever-growing. At least 12% of the population have suffered from this mental illness at some point, and yet many refuse to come forward for treatment, or are unaware that they need help.

The very nature of social anxiety makes it difficult to come forward for help, but evidence shows that 75-80% of those who receive treatment show a significant reduction in their anxiety. So if you suffer from an intense fear of social situations, expert counselling from Angus Munro Psychology can help you overcome your social fears.


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