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Our Acclaimed Phobia Treatment Clinic in Sydney Will Help You Overcome Fear

Our phobia treatment specialists can help you to get rid of uncontrollable fears that you may have lived with for your entire life. Our experienced team can help you overcome all forms of phobia including heights, spiders, needles and much more using safe, evidence-based assessment and therapy. Angus and his team guarantee to work tirelessly to deliver the highest possible quality phobia treatment and counselling at our Sydney based clinic.

Everyone has things they are afraid of or dislike without really knowing why. While many of us may not like snakes and spiders, heights or having an injection, a fear crosses over into a phobia when it starts to make a significant impact on a person’s day to day life. This may mean a narrowing of behaviour or an increase in avoidance in the hope of not experiencing the source of your fear. A phobia of driving may severely impact a person’s ability to engage in normal day to day tasks as well as narrow the range of choices in work, socialising and hobbies that a person is willing to engage with.

Phobias can be broken down into different categories. Some examples include:


  • Enclosed spaces such as lifts
  • Heights


  • Spiders
  • Snakes
  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Birds

Natural Environments:

  • Fire
  • Water (eg oceans, pools)
  • Thunder and lightning

Blood and Injections:

  • Blood tests
  • Injections
  • See your blood or another’s


Even though the types of phobia may vary, they all lead to common reactions. Intense fear in the presence of the phobic stimulus activates the body’s natural flight or fight response leading to an increase in heart rate, breathing rate and muscle tensions amongst other physiological changes. This generally leads to the person getting away from the stimulus as quickly as possible. Sometimes being in the presence of the feared stimulus is not required- even the thought of the feared stimulus may activate the fear response.

Our Phobia Treatment Clinic in Sydney Can Safely Remove Your Fear Response

Phobia treatments are one of the success stories of modern evidence-based psychology. At our renowned phobia treatment clinic in Sydney we can rid you of uncontrollable fears that you may have lived with for your entire life.

Phobia therapy works by teaching you about your thoughts and the fear response so that you are better able to control your reaction to the feared stimulus. Our supportive and highly trained team will help you confront your fear- gradually exposing you to the feared stimulus in a controlled situation so that your brain learns that there is nothing to fear.

Exposure to the feared stimulus without any negative consequences is enough to extinguish the fear response in a huge number of cases. Once freed from your phobia you will be able to engage in life more fully without having to avoid certain behaviours or places. Angus and his expert team guarantee to work tirelessly to help you overcome your phobia. Contact us today to begin your journey to freedom from fear!

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